Suite of Services

IMD offers optional full Administrative Medical Direction services for EMS agencies to include virtual or on-premise physician medical directors. These same medical directors are further supported through a group approach /shared leadership model to provide redundancy, shared-leadership and succession planning for agencies assuring continual coverage of services 24-7. Standardized order sets, full support staff, integrated software and ongoing education support individual EMS Agency objectives.

Optional On-Line medical direction services are available 24-7-365 supported by a team of physicians equipped with cloud-based communications technology that allows for multiple back-up providers, redundant communication paths, real-time metrics, logging, call-monitoring, recording and quality assurance processes not previously demonstrated within the industry. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are available in some packages as IMD maintains industry leading call metrics with a direct-to-doc connection time averaging < 30 seconds in > 95% of calls.

Package options include ongoing medical education (CME) provided through regular webinars, on-line physician run-reviews, in-person quarterly skills training or a comprehensive Collaborative Learning Center (On-Line CME). Furthermore, EMS provider compliance and record keeping can be managed via IMD’s integrated software platforms. Packages can include some or all ongoing CME, access to IME’s (IMD’s Education subsidiary) discounted Core Skill Certification Programs (i.e.; CPR, PALS, ACLS) and Closed Course Initial Education Programs (EMR, EMT, AEMT)

IMD is uniquely positioned to provide Telemedicine to EMS via its EMS tenured Physicians, EMS Physician Supervised Mid-Level Practitioners and Allied Health Support Staff. Whether the Telemedicine Model is ET3, Treat-and-Refer or Dispatch-Initiated the challenge is accomplished through IMD’s Expert Medical Providers, In-house support staff glued together via custom in-house designed technologies.

IMD offers optional access to it’s proprietary integrated software – The Virtual ER Network™  – that includes the following features as some of its options;  Facility Electronic Courtesy Notification (E-CN) System, EMS Quality Assurance Tracking and a EMS focused Telemedicine Platform.  This system integrates all IMD services and EMS Agency patients into a cohesive trackable data management system to reach to manage EMS Agency Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

IMD services can be ‘designed to fit’ an EMS Agency’s specific needs. From a value-priced comprehensive package for a Rural EMS agency to a custom fit solution for a large municipal fire department such as on-premise contracted support staff or designing a unique solution to complex problem. IMD’s can meet the demand with custom ‘concierge’ solutions.