Suite of Services

IMD offers optional full Administrative Medical Direction services for EMS agencies to include virtual or on-premise physician medical directors.

Centralized Medical Direction (On-Line) services are available 24-7-365 supported by a team of physicians equipped with cloud-based communications technology that allows for multiple back-up providers, redundant communication paths, real-time metrics, logging, call-monitoring, recording and quality assurance led by our Physician Medical Directors at IMD.

Package options include ongoing medical education (CME) provided through regular webinars, on-line physician run-reviews, and our comprehensive On-Line Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) ™ .  Please contact for additional educational options tailored to your organizational needs.

IMD offers optional access to it’s proprietary software – The Virtual ER Network™  – that includes the following optional features such as;  Electronic Courtesy Notification System (eCNS) ™, EMS Quality Assurance Tracking, Education Tracking, Certification Tracking,  and a User-Friendly EMS Telemedicine Platform.

IMD services are designed to be responsive to EMS organizational needs. IMD offers a variety of value-priced packages for all types of Fire-Based EMS systems regardless of size.  Contact us for further information.